Carole Ann, Psychic Medium in Perth Australia

Carole Ann is a Psychic and Spiritual Medium currently living in Perth Hills, Western Australia. She is also a qualified Teacher, Counsellor and registered Health Practitioner.

Ethics and professionalism are extremely important aspects of Carole Ann's work as a Teacher, Psychic and Spiritual Medium. She strongly advocates that all readings are a method of guidance only as we all possess free will and a personal responsibility to change our own lives.

Carole Ann advocates that each person connecting with her, be it to hear from a loved one in Spirit, guidance and clarity, or for mentorship, should be assured of receiving the highest level of service with purity of honesty and integrity.

It is important to note that a psychic does not necessarily have the abilities of mediumship however a medium will always have an inherent psychic ability.

A Spiritual Medium acts as the link between two worlds, this earthly world and that of the Spirit-world. A Medium will provide evidence of survival of your loved ones in Spirit, and proof they never really leave us. A spiritual reading can be a profoundly healing experience following the death of a loved one, allowing you to find the peace and comfort needed. It can also provide amazing evidence and be an inspirational experience that stays with you for a very long time.

A Psychic has an inherent sensitivity and heightened awareness of her extra-sensory perception (ESP) and by linking with a person's auric field, can relay information from their past and present in relation to health, relationships, career and financial situations. A Spiritual Medium can also link with Spirit to assist with this process. This type of reading will often provide infinite clarity, direction and confirmation of what you already think you know.

Carole Ann's clients have always connected with her via word of mouth and it is anticipated that this website will support current and future clients to gain more information about her and the services she offers.

"Having attended workshops that Carole has held and also her development circle, that is ongoing, I am so blessed to be part of this. Her integrity and honesty in both groups is without question. As my mentor I have learned so much from her for my psychic and spiritual development. For anyone who wishes to further their own development into the psychic world, Carole is your go-to lady. Thank you for everything you have done for me so far, Carole."

Jan, Butler, Western Australia

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